A Letter to a Mentor

Gnomes are punny.

Esteemed Trixie,

I hope this letter finds you curious. Since last I wrote you, much has transpired. I have joined an adventuring company supported by A, and we have battled outsiders in order to protect this plane from those without. Not something you particularly care about, I know, but read the next line.

We entered into another plane.

Not the Blind Eternities- but rather a pocket dimension called the Fell Night Realm. Felnight Realm? Fell Knight Realm? I was too busy aiding my allies in dispatching the evil fae within to ask for a proper spelling. Apparently, the Queen of the third Fae Court (Roswyn) plotted to pull her reality into ours to eternally torment us mortals. By the way, it appears that R is to Mab as M is to Titania. We assaulted R’s fortress while her armies were out fighting an army comprised of some mortals and some of the fairer fae folk. We fought her in her fortress, and won. We struck her down, resealed the ancient seals with fresh seals(Honk Honk), broke her staff (the club to the seals) and came back home. Not before I accidently turned myself to stone, but that story can wait until I see you face to thigh. (I grew a bit- Treant draught)

By the eternal epithet, Trixie! These adventurers are protected by the Gods themselves! Kelaeran, Marlyana and Damos have helped us in ways I can only attempt to enumerate. Turning pixies visible, changing the shape of the earth, aiding in war councils and even restoring all my spells to my memory are apparently worth it to them. Without their aid, we, or certainly I would have perished in that awful Fellnite realm.

There was a gnome working for R. A sad, lonely, bleached gnome named Tenzikel. I do not know where he is- whether he escaped the felknight realm before we sealed it off or whether he will be trapped there forever. I know how you feel about the bleaching, but perhaps you could recommend to me the name of a mutual acquaintance who might welcome his courtship? No one should be as lonely as he seemed to be. If I am able to find him, I believe that the love of a woman should be able to cure him of his nihilism. Perhaps I am an optimist.

Oh, bye the hi, Do you know if there are other Fae Courts, more esoteric than that within the Fellknight realm? A is reluctant to tell me, and I am curious.

I will be in the capital of Greykeep for the foreseeable future. Please send any replies there. Give my love to mother and father, and tell them I am alive, well, and still without children.

My best,



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