Advancing Towards Rosewynn

Drago Kakrarov’s Adventure log, Day 1

Starting this log in order to prepare those who may come after us, should we fail.

We have taken it upon ourselves to enter the prison dimension of the Fellnight Realm in order to reseal the apparently evil Queen Rosewyn, of the (new to me) third Fae Court.(NtS- research if there are more than three) She had convinced a local gnome druid named Tenzikel to free her from a magical prison by breaking the seal of magical rocks at the edge of her domain. (NtS- send a letter to Trixie, see how she is)

Before today we had entered her pocket dimension, swayed the druid away from her side, and repaired the circle. That is not enough, we must reactivate it to keep our dimension safe.

Today we are assaulting the very center of our enemies strength. We entered through a secret entrance that Tenzikel told us about. (NtS- never build a secret entrance, as they are total liabilities) The back passage was guarded by an earth elemental I had never seen the likes of before. As it was destroyed, a large and obviously magical ruby came out of it. The pain I endured from trying to divine its nature was… total. More than anything I had ever experienced. When I broke free from the pain, I saw that three of my companions had attempted the same as I, with similar results. I question their sanity.

We then noticed a ledge high on the side of the room that hid some gold and a scroll case. Our newest companion, an elven translator/archer/spellcaster, climbed to the alcove with Vandar to get the items. They were assaulted by a group of assassin vines. I had to use the scroll (it was a fireball scroll) just to keep the damned barbarian alive. Pity, I would rather have had it in my spellbook.

This nonsense completed, we then exited the sub-basement of the castle and entered through a secret door into a prison. We met a human lumberjack imprisoned there, and set him free before explaining how he could leave. He bolted, and we could not catch him. I hope he makes it out. We then entered the prison of this fairy castle.

I have seen horrors before. But what those spriggan gnomes did to those prisoners caused me to question my sanity. After the enemies were dispatched, we killed the one prisoner that was still alive, as his skin had been taken off. Yet they caused him to live- horrifying. We are pausing for a moment now, for a final assault an the Queen of the Fellnight Realm. I pray that we manage to keep her locked away here.


Bonus 100 xp to you sir.

Advancing Towards Rosewynn

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