Drago Kakrarov



Human Wizard 9
Arcanmirium Generalist

Skills (ranks+stat+trained+misc=total)
Spellcraft 9+8+3+5=21
Diplomacy 7+0+3+1=11
Kn(Arcana) 9+7+3+0=18
Kn(Geography) 5+7+3=15
Kn(History) 5+7+3=15
Kn(Nobility) 5+7+3=15
Kn(Nature) 5+7+3=15
Kn(Dungeoneering) 5+7+3=15
Kn(Engineering) 5+7+3=15
Kn(Planes) 5+7+3=15
(many forgotten)
World Traveler
Hedge Wizard

1st- Reach Spell
(Human)Skill Focus: Spellcraft
(Bonus)Scribe Scroll
3rd- Extend Spell
(Bonus)Craft Wondrous Item
(Bonus)Craft Magic Arms and Armor
5th- Craft Wand
7th- Forge Ring
9th- Craft Rod


Drago Kakarov was born to a middle class family in Fairlake, Barovia on the 17th of Cancerion. His father, Olev, was a coppersmith and respected as a valuable member of the community, employing others in his shop. It was from Olev that Drago learned the value of permanence, hard work, and aesthetic beauty.

As a young child Drago befriended some of the gnomes who worked in his fathers shop. He proved to have a good sense of humor (by gnomish standards) and a surprisingly keen intelligence. This fact was passed to a gnomish hedge wizard by the name ofTrixie Bridgespanner, who (after some negotiations with his parents) accepted Drago as an apprentice.

After his apprenticeship had run its course, Drago returned to his father’s home and assisted with the family trade while considering what to do next. Work as a court wizard somewhere? Set up shop as a hedge wizard, like Trixie? Marry, settle down, start a life?

His indecision was shattered one day when… something… attacked his town. A horror from somewhere else, that did not need to breathe, rest, or seem to desire anything other than destroy the hard work of the townsfolk. Fields, crops, even a barn that had literally taken all last summer to build were obliterated entirely. His spells, even Trixies spells were useless against the beast, and the militia was mobilized to put it down.

They lost twelve men.

At the funeral, Trixie explained that the beast was an outsider, and that magic didn’t seem to work on them. Horrible, powerful beings that seemed immune to magic dwelled beyond, and the best way to deal with them was run.

Drago mused upon this, and then noticed a stranger frowning at their conversation. After the funeral, the stranger introduced himself as Albion the Black, and told him that magic could work on outsiders, Drago and his teacher had simply been incompletely trained. Albion had killed the beast’s summoner, and had followed it to the town in order to dispatch it, but was too late.

After a fairly intricate discussion about arcane theory and application, Drago asked to join Albion in order to complete his training. Little did he know that this training would involve traveling all over Varel and encountering the same horrors that had killed his townsfolk. Drago also found that some of Trixies’ techniques for magic item creation were unknown to his peers, and so he became the best magic item crafter among Albion’s crew.

His second apprenticeship completed, Drago considered going home. He then realized the important work of securing this plane against those from outside was suited to him. He is good at it. He does not cower into a little ball when he sees something unnatural (anymore) and he knows how to do defeat them. So he was ready when Albion introduced him to the mercenary adventurers with whom he currently travels.

Drago Kakrarov

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