Reginald Von VialStein

Is a goblin.. Yep.


Pzo1114 goblin treasure
Deity: Illoriel
Hometown: Woodmoor Crags


Pt. 1 – I am not an animal.

15 Years ago the great alchemist Edward Von Vialstien was gathering alchemical components near the city of Fendolph when he came across this small Gobling unconscious near a patch of mushrooms. It was malnourished and looked to be suffering from mushroom poisoning. This was interesting to him due to the fact the mushrooms he has appeared to eat were known to be harmless. After checking the area and seeing no tracks or trails indicating others in the area he gathered the mushrooms up and the goblin (in a little cage) and carried them back to his lab to observe. After observing the goblin overnight it seems that it had only had a temporary allergic reaction. Being curious about goblin physiology and not wanting to pass up the opportunity to observe ones reactions to different substances he decided to keep it. After basically feeding it back from the brink of starvation he decided to test it. The first observation he noticed is that it was not a mindless creature, it possessed greater then just the animal intelligence goblins were made to have. It not only could pass the logic tests set before it but began to pickup common and then started planning ways to escape. One of its plans he had to foil happened during one of his chemical reactions tests. The goblin ate the alchemical substance as he was intended but the immediately fell limp and laid there for several hours. thinking it was dead or seriously ill Edward opened the cage to check for vitals. With an immediate quickness the goblin sprang up and leapt out of the cage. Luckily the lab was also locked and shut and Edward was able to corner him in the lab. It looked up at him and said in clear common “No cage, I am not an animal” This just about floored Edward as not only had it tricked him but it had picked up his language from his muttering while he was working. This breakthrough led to an uneasy truce, the goblin agreed not to flee if he was let out of his cage to move about the room (“Got food here , why leave?Just don’t want to be trapped, not an animal.”). The alchemist (who had never married or had children and had no apprentice to pass his trade to) saw this as an interesting opportunity and the testing turned more to teaching which Reginald (who had earned a name by then “Very Distinguished!”) seemed to just devour. Days turned to weeks, weeks to months months to years and 10 years later Reginald became his trusted lab assistant. But as life has its ups and down soon another challenge became apparent… the town.

Pt 2 – Encountering the Thief

For almost 10 years now Reginald had stayed content learning all he could down in the basement of Master Edwards shop. And save for the times When master Edward’s was away traveling this was all the company he needed. It was one such time when the master was out when he met his second human, Delic. Now,Delic was a little bit of a scoundrel and errand boy for one of the groups of thieves in the city, and had contracted Edward to have some sleeping poison made for use in “apprehending a known criminal peacefully”. Little did Edward know it was to be used in a robbery of another merchant but that is water under the bridge and outside of the scope of this tale as the poison never was used for that purpose. Master edward had completed the requested does of the poison and had packaged it up when it was done, however Delic never came to collect it so it was stored down in the basement with the rest of the stores. About 3 days after Master Edward left on one of his week long sojourns to gather more alchemical reagents, Delic was sent to “collect” the poison. After scoping the place out Delic did notice a small window leading to the basement (for ventilation) and “opened” it to let himself directly into the basement. Reginald working on his latest potions quickly downed a potion of vanish and waited for Delic too enter. Delic not knowing the golden rule of, handle everything with gloves in an alchemist lab went to the cabinet where the merchandise was stored and started to pick its lock. An hour later he awoke tied up to a chair with a goblin staring him in the face.

“Don’t eat me” Delic Exclaimed.

“Well I see you have woken up, I knew that poison would not be enough to keep a real thief from leaving before his return and would just be a mere inconvenience. Now this leaves us with a problem. I cant leave here to get the proper authorities as they would likely not believe me or just kill me on sight based on my incidental ancestry. I also cannot just let you leave as you may A) Attempt to kill me for the same reasons B) Bring back more thieves to help you with this “job” or C) Use my presence as blackmail against my master. "

“You can talk?”

“Why yes, as it is the standard means of communication I prefer to speak. i could write down the message or pantomime if you prefer. Unfortunately I have not quite gotten down the ability to growl or urinate on things to show dominance but I suppose i could emulate those if absolutely necessary.. Though I must admit it sounds barbaric from what i have read. So, back to the question at hand, What should i do with you?”

“Um, I don’t suppose you could just let me go with the poison i was told to get and I could pretend I never saw you?”

“Well that would be great, however due to your non lawful approach to picking up merchandise I may be less inclined to believe you in these circumstances. Do you have money to pay for the poison? It is not cheap to manufacture such chemicals and my master and I rely on it for our continued comfort.”

Delic looked to the side uneasily and mumbled “No, I was just supposed to steal it”

“I see, so once again we are at an impasse. Do you have any object of value you could trade? My master does like to collect odds and ends on his journey.”

“Um, no b..b..but i know one that would help you not look like a goblin. I could get it!”

“An interesting proposal however that would once again let you free with me at the whim of your word.”

“But I swear I will come back! "

“Hmm… I know I could poison you!”

“Please don’t kill me! I won’t tell your secret ever and i’ll bring back the hat!”

“I won’t kill you you stilly boy it would mainly guarantee… Wait, hat? Would it happen to be a Hat of Disguise?” As this would be a prized item indeed as his master had been unable to find one for sale in the city or on his travels.

“I think so, please let me go, I’ll get it for you.”

“OK, here is the deal. If you drink this I will let you go to get the Hat and return. If you don’t return here in 24 hours you will start to feel sick and tired. Don’t fall asleep, for the next time you fall asleep you may not awaken. Come back here with the hat and I will give you the antedate and let you leave with the poison as we will have a fair trade. Fail to come back or betray me and you wont make it the week. "

WIth that Reginald poured a clear liquid from a vial into his mouth. He then cut the ropes and let Delic out of the front door. A few hours later a slightly sickened and scared looking Delic knocked at the door. Held out the hat. After careful examination and testing of the hat Reginald handed him the vials of the sleeping potions.

“Here you go, this is a valid trade indeed.”

’What about my cure?"

“You don’t need a cure it was just a vial of water you drank. I just needed you to think you were poisoned and let modern psychology take its toll. Thank you for holding up your end of the bargain, I have upheld mine. We can now part ways on mutual agreement not to interfere with each others lives. However should you have any other items of note I would be happy to continue to work in trade.”

“I don’t know… Your a goblin why should I want to work with you?”

“You are a thief, why would I want to work with you? Neither my race nor your profession are looked upon in positive light but I think we can benefit each other. WIth the item you provided me today I will be able to venture out and gather more reagents then I would normally have access to and start to work on my own projects. If you have need of assistance I would be willing to help you for a reasonable price.”


And with that Delic was gone. When the master came home Reginald explained the interaction and explained how the poison was paid for. Master Edwards was both relived and upset on the occurrence but was glad for the positive outcome (heaven forbid they run him out of town for harboring a goblin). Witht he new hat Master Edwards was now able to let him man the front of the shop as well as the lab and learn the profession fully. What jobs to take, what jobs we wont do, and what most cities will let you do. This started him on the path of a full apprentice.

Pt 3- Leaving town

As inevitable as summer changing to fall, peace never lasts long in an adventures life. As Reginald had taken over most shop functions and even house calls for healing, Master Edward now spent most of his time in research reviewing over the notes of his life and all the things he had encountered during his long life making sure Reginald had learned everything he could teach him. Little did Reginald know but this master was slowly dying from age (and chemical exposure). One the evening of the towns yearly festival Edward and Reginald were setting up sky candles outside of the church for the nighttime display when the outer wall sounded a warning tone.

“To arms, orcs approach!”

Within moments orc raiders flooded the town, burning buildings and taking captives. No one was prepared for such a large group of invaders. By the end of the night the town lay burning and everyone who surrendered was taken captive and chained together. In the morning they were marched out of the city by their captors and started towards the path in the hills. Now Edward and Reginald had surrendered as they did not want to invoke collateral damage and it kept the younglings they were with safe. They however were never disarmed of their vials (or hat) as they claimed to be healers (standing next to the church helped with that) about 4 hours into the morning hike they were disconnected from the group and brought to a group of injured orc warriors.

“You heal or die”

Ss we were administering healing to those who needed it ( Edward had managed to convince the orcs that healthier people travel better) Edward managed to slip him a strange vial.

“This will unlock your genetic potential, I call it goblin juice. Wait for the right moment and drink it.”

Palming the vail he added it to his belt as he continued administering healing to some of the injured citizens. As they approached the Orc in charge of leading the prisoners Edward gave the sign and they both drank their “goblin juice” and turned on their guards. It was feeling Reginald had never felt, it was like raw anger and strength flowing through him. His hands sprouted claws and his skin hardened. He felt like a beast, it felt good.. Edward and him turned on the guards and took them down releasing the prisoners.

“You need to run! get out of here before they come we will hold them off!” Reginald yelled.

The people just looked at him in fear. During the haste of combat and the rush of the goblin juice he forgot to maintain his illusion. All the commoners saw was a different monster. He quickly resumed his normal guise and herded them out while Edward created more diversions. After all was said and done and everyone was safe in a clearing a mile away things got ugly. Townspeople were accusing Reginald of working with the other monsters, some called him a child eater, others just started throwing rocks. It finally took Master Edwards intervention to stop them.

“Who helped this town in its illness, who help heal you during these travels, who just risked his life to set you free? And now you call him a monster? I raised him from a whelp up to the man he is today, I taught him the ways of right and the laws of humans, he has treated you with more kindness then you ever have treated any of his kind or your own!”

The town people looked ashamed and finally the Town magistrate spoke up.

“Doesn’t matter, he is a monster. We cannot have his kind living here. In light of his service though we wont take any action to kill him or anything. I remember him tending to my daughter last spring at my home.. Now for those who don’t know my home is warded against evil and I would have known in heart beat if he was evil and we would have been having words at that time. I don’t know how you did it Edward or why but you made an honest to god, good goblin. What I can do is write you a letter and send you to the temple of “blah”. They sometimes take in outcasts like yourself and are slightly more tolerant the the towns folk here. Take what you need from the remains of the shop and be on your way."

So Edward helped Reginald pack his wagon and set off on his way to the cleric of “Blah” And with their assistance has traveled the lands helping the injured and providing alchemical services to those who need it. Keeping his nature secret except to his trusted traveling companions who have shown tolerance and a will to help. Only in times of dire need does he turn to the “goblin juice” to help him make it through the tough times.

Reginald Von VialStein

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