Trixie Bridgespanner

A Gnomish Wizard in Fairlake


Gnomish Arcanamirium Generalist Wizard 4

Hedge Wizard

4 Spellcraft
4 Kn(Arc)
1 Kn(His, Geo, Loc, Rel, Nob, Nat)
3 Linguistics

B)Scribe Scroll
1)Extend Spell
B)Craft Wondrous
3)Empower Spell


Trixie was born in Veremounth and trained to be a wizard before her wanderlust kicked in. She travelled throughout Varel and eventually built a home and started a family in Fairlake, tutoring students and performing duties as a sellspell. She is also fond of crafting magic items, and has a knack for it. Her children are grown, but both her husband Englebert and she are considering a change of scenery, as they are looking for something to engage their interests.

Trixie Bridgespanner

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