New skills

Gone are the days of other knowledge skills allowing you to tell what a monster is. Knowledge local… lets you know about a particular city.. of yeah and what lizardmen are.

Knowledge skills lo no longer allow you to tell what a monster is. For that, there is monster lore. All PCs will be allowed to redistribute skill points that are in knowledge skills to place points into monster lore or Hearth Wisdom if they choose.

Knowledge: Hearth Wisdom

Available to Bard, Cleric, Druid, Oracle, Witch

  • Knowledge of Folklore, myths, origins of place names, folk remedies for common ailments, etc.

Knowledge: Monster Lore

Available to all Classes

  • Humanoid
  • Animal
  • Plant
  • Vermin
  • Giants

Knowledge: Monster Lore, Advanced

Available to Bard, Cleric, Druid, Paladin, Ranger, Sorcerer, Wizard, Inquisitor, Magus, Oracle, Summoner and Witch.

  • Constructs
  • Dragon
  • Fey
  • Magical Beasts
  • Monsterous Humanoids
  • Ooze
  • Undead
  • Elementals
  • Shapechangers

Knowledge: Monster Lore, Forbidden

Available to Bard, Cleric, Paladin, Ranger, Wizard, Inquisitor, and Summoner.

  • Aberrations
  • Outsiders
  • Titans
  • New skills

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